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Creating a stylish multi-function kitchen to suit your home

These days, we’re increasingly requiring our rooms to be multi-functional spaces – and this is especially true when it comes to the kitchen. No longer just a place to cook, many of us now want our kitchens to effortlessly transform into a space to relax or entertain guests, or perhaps even become an office.

Creating a room that fulfils many roles needn’t mean sacrificing on style, however. In fact, when we spoke to local kitchen design firm Urban Myth, they were excited about the new design trends and products which allow your kitchen to seamlessly transition with the rest of your home.

Lead Designer at Urban Myth, Davide Dellanzo, told us, “kitchen trends for 2023 are designed to deliver soothing and comfortable spaces using natural materials and colours inspired by the outdoors, with soft design details to create efficient living.

“The design of the kitchen is being reinterpreted, in the sense that it feels like an additional living space rather than a utilitarian place to prepare food. And when we design kitchens for our customers, we bring in elements for the entire home, to make it functional and beautiful.” 

To help inspire your next kitchen renovation, here are Urban Myth’s key trends for 2023.

Cohesive Elements

Keeping a cohesive design scheme will allow the style elements of each room to flow seamlessly throughout your home. For example, the colour you choose for your kitchen cabinets could be used as a wall covering in your dining area. 

Textured Surfaces

Tactile worktops, shiny metallic accents and wood finishes can all be used to add depth and interest to your kitchen. Using contrasting textures, such as a polished worksurface with natural wood door fronts, helps to add a sense of layering – a clever tactic that will make your kitchen feel cosy and welcoming.

Free-standing Storage

A simple and effective way to create a seamless transition between your kitchen and living space is to add a sideboard or media unit using the same or complimentary materials. This gives you additional storage, while also linking your interior design scheme.

Concealed Functionality

Our pocket door system is the perfect way to hide away the functionality of your kitchen whilst still ensuring it is accessible when required. Your living space becomes uninterrupted by appliances and can be closed off to show the entire beauty of your cabinetry.

A place to conveniently charge your devices is a must-have for many of our customers and now there are many solutions which don’t impact on the design of your space. Pop-up power sockets and wireless charging points within your worktop give the kitchen multi-functionality without compromising on style. 

Designed for Life