Back to the future...

to a kitchen our Managing Director designed 39 years ago and there are many features that wouldn't look out of place in a contemporary kitchen today.

At Urban Myth we always pride ourselves on the longevity of our designs and believe that a big purchase such as a kitchen, with the right care, should last over 20 years.

We recently visited our customer, Mr Hoy, a retired Sports Master, who still has the original kitchen designed by our Managing Director in 1983 – and he isn’t thinking of changing it.

Mr Hoy didn't buy the kitchen thinking it would last this long but it has survived and even flourished with use, the small knocks and bangs from bringing up a family adding character to the real oak trim on the cabinets.

Mr Hoy said "We saw this kitchen in the showroom and loved it and nearly 40 years later, I still love it- A remarkable purchase!" 

The kitchen, an Italian classic, with handleless cabinets and a curved design has really aged well. Some of the details in the design you still see today, the under-cabinet drawer boxes with Dovetail joins and the true handless cabinets which have the handle ‘recess’ built into the cabinet are a sign of true quality.

This is probably one of the first handleless kitchens available at that time and the handleless design is still very popular –over 38 years on.

Our customer still has the same stainless-steel basin and gas hob, although something you don’t see now would be this curved hob design.

The compact kitchen really has everything you need, all within easy reach, for Mr Hoy this is slightly higher than most cabinets as a former basketball player he is over 6ft tall and has his cabinets fitted to suit him – which is the beauty of having a tailor-made kitchen, everything is fitted to suit your lifestyle.

Back to the future...