A new kitchen for a healthier you?

The latest survey from Houzz that polled 2,700 Houzz-active homeowners in the US revealed that 1/3 who updated their kitchen reported a healthier lifestyle post renovation.

It seems the benefits of a new kitchen are not just cosmetic. When you have a space that works with your lifestyle and you enjoy spending time in then it also makes it easier to cook more meals from scratch and avoid the takeaway.

The survey goes on to suggest that having a new kitchen could lead to eating more fruit and vegetables. Perhaps homeowners become more aware of what they are filling their cupboards with once the renovation is complete?

Advances in technology for the kitchen could also be contributing to a healthier lifestyle. Steam ovens, although not new to the market, are increasingly popular and some models have been combined with microwave technology to increase cooking speed and deliver a simple way to cook healthily for all the family.

Fridges have recently been given the most interest when it comes to technological developments. In the pipeline at the moment are a variety of innovative features.

An integrated app that automatically orders your favourite groceries online when they run out, or a camera positioned inside the door that captures an image of the inside of your fridge every time you close it - great when you are at the supermarket and you need to recall exactly what you need and you might be more likely to use up what you have rather than choose a less healthier option at the shops. 

Industry leaders predict that 9/10 household appliances made will be WIFI enabled within two years.

Although some may feel that this could lead to a more sedentary lifestyle, on the flip side perhaps by reducing time spent with mundane chores such as grocery shopping and increasing home-cooking efficiency we will all have more time for healthier pursuits and spending time with families.

A new kitchen for a healthier you?