French evolution

Is this the chopping board to end all chopping boards?

“Evolution” is a new French kitchen tools brand, created by Vincent Le Guern and designed by Alain Gilles. Their first collection launches with four innovative, fresh and reassuring products based on the rich French and European culinary tradition.

Innovative functionality encased in tactile, graphic shapes that are designed to "follow the evolution in our rhythm and way of life" The products have a modern yet timeless appeal.

Three products of the range have been edited by Evolution in a copper-finish in collaboration with historic French brand Mauviel 1830 thus re-imagining the values of this great French house. The graphic identity and branding have been done by Coast.

Tarte server and display stand

A decorative piece even when not in use, this cake stand can be presented in a variety of ways. The base and the plate can be treated as two separate elements, Reversing the base turns it into a bowl. The plate has small raised marks to aid cutting equal portions - a necessity in our book!


Ordinary, everyday items, are enhanced. The beauty of the carafe is that the neck, which is emphasised, becomes the handle. Here we have a fine balance between modernised conventional design and a funnel-shaped neck for ease of handling.    

Cooking thermometer 

This meat thermometer really deserves not to be hidden away in a drawer. The product is brought right up to date, with class. It has an external graphic display that you set beforehand so it’s easy to tell when the internal indicator reaches the desired temperature, and it also prevents the thermometer from rolling away when resting on your working surface.  It’s fitted with a simplified, elegant dial and additional design variations.

Smart cutting board

The chopping board is beyond doubt an essential everyday item, whether it’s for peeling or chopping there’s usually a moment in the peeling process when you find that the board is already full of peelings, and now it’s time to chop. So what do you do with the peelings when the vegetables you’re about to chop are still on the board? This gave us the idea of a “scoop”, built into the board, but which can be slid along the chopping board, and handled as a separate unit.

When you want to tip some ingredients, such as tomatoes, into the pan, it often happens that you want less juice to go in, so as to avoid making the dish too wet. The “scoop” can now operate like a funnel, so that you can hold back the chopped tomatoes and run off some of the juice.
The wooden board can then be turned upside down to serve as a chopping board for meat, so that the juice collects in the grooves.

The sides of the “scoop” also mean that it’s easy to guide food items into the pot which are smaller in size than the board (and the top surface of the board is slightly curved in towards the centre so that everything stays on the board).

A small bump is fitted so that the wooden board fits into the “scoop” and can be stored and handled more easily (if necessary, a small magnet can be fitted just where the bump is placed).

With every conceivable function included in this modern design, this really is the chopping board to end all chopping boards!

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French evolution