Kitchen Storage

Getting the storage right is critical to any kitchen design and is where a bespoke kitchen really comes into its own. By being able to maximise every inch of space our designers can create a truly functional and beautiful kitchen.

Here are a few examples of storage solutions you can include in your new bespoke kitchen.

Drawer Storage

The quintessential storage solution for kitchens today. Deep pan drawers, food storage drawers, cutlery drawers are all a firm favourite for adding efficiency to your kitchen. With low or high cupboards items at the back invariably get forgotten and not used but with drawer storage you can see everything at once and most importantly can reach it easily.

There are also many internal features that can be added to your drawers to divide them and keep everything in order, if you don’t like the look of drawers we can also conceal them behind a sleek door to keep everything streamlined in your kitchen.


Obviously, everyone has food to store in their kitchen and one storage solution that is becoming increasingly popular is the addition of a pantry. Whether you have space for a walk-in larder or perhaps a dedicated cupboard that gives you a neat space to house all your dry goods, we will think of everything from narrow shelving for bottles and spices to deep drawers or shelves for holding small appliances or cereal boxes. Our pantry solutions will be tailored to fit the space you have available and what works for your lifestyle.

Pull out larders

Looking for a more modern solution rather than a pantry? The pull out larder is a fantastic storage solution. It can be added to tall storage or to base units and there are many combinations and internal finishes to choose from it can complement any design. The functionality means you can view everything in the unit from both sides – you may wonder how you managed without one!

Corner cabinet storage

Inevitably many kitchens have corner units. They can prove tricky to access so we have many options for internal fixtures to improve their usability. An example of this is the Le Mans storage tray that swings smoothly and effortlessly out of the unit to reveal your contents and cuts down on wasted space.

Tambour Units

This smart unit slides up rather than opening outwards giving you additional space usually in the corner of a kitchen. It can neatly house small appliances to keep your worktop clutter free.

Kitchen Storage