Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands bring everyone together; for eating, entertaining and working, they can be a focal point for your room and practical too. Creating the perfect kitchen island is all in the planning, there are many styles to choose from and many additions you can include.  We’ve put together this guide to help you determine what features are important to you.

A place to socialise 

An island is a seamless way to connect the kitchen and the living area in an open plan room. It naturally becomes a focal point of the room as a place for guests to socialise. By adding accessible storage or even a wine chiller on the island you can also entertain guests without disturbing the chef.

Adding appliances

A common request is that cooks don’t want to be cut off from their guests. Adding a hob to the kitchen island is a great way of making sure you can join in with your guests even while cooking. It’s also a great way of achieving the “working triangle” by having the oven, hob sink or fridge within easy reach. Flexibility is very important in the kitchen so adding a power source to the island is always a great idea, whether it is a pop-up socket or concealed under the worktop it gives you the option of plugging in smaller appliances or creating a convenient charging station.

Creating an informal seating area

Including a seating area at your kitchen island instantly creates a multi-functioning space. It becomes a dining area, a workplace and a place for entertaining, whether you are cooking or not! There are many options for seating so it depends what you will mostly use it for, a raised breakfast bar is great for socialising and keeping guests away from the clutter of cooking. Fixed banquette seating requires less floor space than freestanding and can be perfect when creating a cosier more intimate dining experience in the kitchen.

Maximising space for storage

Sleek cupboards, deep drawers, open shelving and clever ledges can all be included in your kitchen island to pack away or display your kitchen essentials. Once you have decided how your kitchen island is going to function for you then this is where you and your designer can get playful creating the perfect places for your pots, pans and plates. Utilising every inch and making sure everything is convenient for you and your family.




Kitchen Islands