Sub-Zero & Wolf has been leading the line in home refrigeration and cooking for over 70 years. Their appliances are meticulously crafted and expertly engineered, bringing professional quality to the home.

Most appliance makers divide their focus. Sub-Zero and Wolf are specialists. Each concentrates exclusively on its special realm of expertise.

The materials in Sub Zero & Wolf products are premium grade; the technologies, state of the art; the craftsmanship, of the calibre one would expect in the world’s finest homes. When it comes to building superior products for your household, they take nothing for granted.

Products are subjected to lab testing under extreme environmental conditions to ensure a life of 20 years or longer.

Every component of every product is tested before assembly, then each finished product is tested for reliability before shipping.

Classic Refrigeration

Embodying the classic Sub-Zero design, a range of built-in models are available with wrapped stainless doors, internal or external ice dispensers and a choice of handle styles.

Built-In Ovens

Wolf built-in ovens complement and elevate your kitchen décor, without ever compromising on quality. With a wide spectrum of designs, the Wolf E Series and M Series ovens and convection steam ovens are designed to fit seamlessly into any style or size of kitchen.

Wine Storage

Sub-Zero wine preservation protects against the four enemies of wine: heat, humidity, light and vibration. Available in several sizes, the units have up to three independent preservation zones, so you can store all your wines in one convenient system.