Wonderful worktops and statement splashbacks

Previously, kitchen surfaces have been associated with minimalist, neutral colours; sleek whites and greys paired with chrome or silver accents for an understated look that ‘goes with anything’. But recently, we’ve started to become a little braver in our tastes.

Wonderful worktops and statement splashbacks

It began with small yet bold accents in fabrics and accessories, and now we’re increasingly attracted to more long-lasting design statements to display our individuality.

Peter Hill,  our Head Designer has seen this trend first-hand. Peter says, “Our customers are asking about the materials available to add drama and personality to their home and we believe the answer is to look at the many options for worktops and splashbacks.

There’s been a great deal of advancement in the technology for creating real stone effects in Quartz and sintered stone, with vein matching and ‘full body pattern’, which means the design runs all the way through.”

When it comes to designing a kitchen, Peter says, “it’s important to think of your focal point, whether that be your work surface, cabinetry or kitchen island. The beauty of choosing a statement finish for your worktop and splashback is that these can add high level impact, whilst also being elements that can be updated relatively easily.”

There are several beautiful materials and design aspects that make for a stunning focal point for a kitchen worktop or splashback and Urban Myth have selected their key trends for 2022.

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Noticeably thicker worktops in bold colours and eye-catching patterns will take centre stage in 2022. These worktops maximise their impact and durability.


Create a cascading waterfall effect for your worktops. Instead of abruptly stopping at the edge of your cabinet or kitchen island, this design continues vertically down the side.


Continuing the worktop material up onto the splashback as a single slab adds impact and style to an interior. The veining and patterning on the surface of the stone adds depth and character.


Urban Myth have seen dark interiors become popular over the last year and this trend is set to stay. A dark worktop and splashback instantly delivers a dramatic statement.