Unleash your inner child with our kids bedroom design ideas

Don’t you just love kids rooms? It’s an amazing opportunity to get in touch with your inner child and be wildly colourful and creative. But at the same time they are challenging too.

Unleash your inner child with our kids bedroom design ideas

Kids' rooms are a fantastic canvas for unleashing your inner child and letting your creativity run wild with vibrant colors and imaginative designs. However, they do come with their fair share of challenges as well. You need to create a room for your child to get off to sleep in (Note that yellow is the most invigorating colour!). But you may also be using their bedroom as a playroom too so you want it to be stimulating and fun too. So therefore it’s a multi purpose room, one for both play and sleep and that’s a tall ask!

Make it multi-purpose

Creating a multi-purpose room for your child, one that's both a soothing sleep haven and a vibrant play space, can indeed be quite a tall order. Yellow, known for its invigorating qualities, can be a tricky choice for a sleep-friendly environment. But with the right design and balance, you can achieve a room that's both stimulating and fun while ensuring your child gets a good night's sleep. It's all about finding that perfect equilibrium between restfulness and excitement in the same space.

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Keep it simple

Keep the basics simple, plan in plenty of storage and don’t be afraid to have a bit of fun. Children change at a rate of knots, but that shouldn’t mean holding off adding personality to their room for fear they’ll grow out of it – that just results in a functional area, when what you want to create is a comfortable, welcoming space where they’ll enjoy spending time. 

Add plenty of storage

Practical design ideas for a kids' bedroom are essential to create a space that fosters functionality and organization. Start with ample storage solutions, such as shelves, bins, and labeled containers, to keep toys, clothes, and school supplies neatly organized. 

Maximise your space

Using every corner of available space is a smart strategy for optimising functionality and aesthetics in a room. This approach not only maximizes storage but also enhances the overall design. When it comes to making the most of unconventional spaces or nooks, a bespoke cabinet design is a fantastic idea. Custom-designed cabinets are tailored to fit the exact dimensions and requirements of your space, ensuring no inch is wasted. Whether it's a sloping ceiling, an alcove, or an underutilised corner, a bespoke cabinet can be designed to seamlessly blend with the room's aesthetics and efficiently house items or display cherished possessions.

Get creative with the bed

Getting creative with the bed is a fantastic way to inject personality and functionality into a room. Beyond the traditional rectangular frame, you can explore alternative bed designs such as loft-style beds or cabin beds. Loft-style beds, elevated to create space beneath, are excellent for small rooms, providing room for a desk, a play area, or additional storage underneath. Cabin beds, on the other hand, offer a cozy, enclosed space, perfect for creating a sense of adventure and security for children. These imaginative bed designs not only make the most of vertical space but also serve as a focal point in the room's design.