Clever concealed kitchen storage

Over 70% of our customers say they want more storage in their new kitchen and with innovative storage solutions it is no longer necessary to compromise space for style.

Clever concealed kitchen storage

It may not be the most glamorous part of designing a kitchen but your kitchen won’t be functional unless you factor in your storage so it’s worth planning in early. Deciding on how you will store your pots and pans and choosing draw depths is just as important as picking out your kitchen colour. 
So, whether you are designing a totally new space and really want to maximise the storage potential or looking for ways to add more storage to your current kitchen, we have put together our ideas for a clutter free space.

Add a breakfast cupboard to conceal appliances

A breakfast pantry is the perfect kitchen storage for hiding away the clutter and freeing up surface space. Add a power outlet and you can conceal your coffee machine or toaster for an even more streamlined style.

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Make your kitchen island work harder

As well as being a fantastic focal point for your room Kitchen islands offer the ultimate in storage so if you can squeeze one in do so. They have got to be the hardest working piece of furniture in the home with the ability to add sinks, hobs, under counter storage and of course the all-important wine chiller!

Take your cupboards to the ceiling

You can maximise your kitchen storage by running the cabinets to the ceiling. This otherwise dead space gives you storage for items that are rarely used but take up valuable cabinet space. This design also creates a smooth continuous line and eliminates the build up of dust on top of your cabinets.

Have plenty of drawers as well as cupboards

Drawers are an essential part of kitchen design and offer exceptional practical storage solutions. You might find that more drawers work better for you over cupboards as items are much more visible and accessible. Your drawers don’t need to look like drawers either as they can be concealed behind your cupboard.

Build storage into your furniture

A smart alternative storage solution is to build storage into your furniture. If you are planning an open plan kitchen with built in dining furniture you could add bookshelves to the back, or extend a kitchen cabinet out to incorporate some open shelving. This idea can add interest to your design as well as giving you added space for recipe books or decorative objects to personalise your space.

Add rails to up your kitchen storage

To save on precious drawer space, you can hang a rail along the top of your splashback for utensils to live. There are many stylish options available that suit all kitchen styles, including lighting and customisable  fixtures so you can move things around as often as you like!